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From Hello to Goodbye

Neko would peek in my glass front door from time to time, curious and motivated. He would magically appear when I was outside, cool and mysterious. He would come in to visit, and I'd let him back out thinking he must be someone's friend. He was a sneaky one because he had already made his way into my heart. I found him sleeping in wheel wells during inclement weather and it became clear he was not someone's friend. We became inseparable after this. This 17 lb Maine Coon mix did not know he was large when he would sleep on my chest. He didn't care. He was cuddly, stoic, silly, loved boxes and dirty socks, and was the most loving cat. He was my muse. We had a beautiful 9 years together before we said goodbye. He was an old boy with a bad heart. I don't know what his life was before me, but I know what his life was after he chose me, which was full of love, comfort, and connection, right up until the end.

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